PicoStar – 3rd Gen Pico Laser 2023

Back in March 2022, I was honored to visit Jena (listen) in Germany to see for myself the birthplace of the world’s most powerful third-generation pico-second laser by Asclepion Laser Technologies, the PicoStar. Since Jena is famous for its optical lenses, the historical birthplace of Zeiss Lens and Schott Glass, my expectation was high. 

I would say I enjoyed everything about the trip. Seeing the precision in the laser manufacturing process was truly an eye-opener. Here’s what I think about the PicoStar Nd-YAG laser system.

The latest addition to the Pico Laser devices family is the PicoStar by Asclepion.

Since the introduction of the first-generation picosecond Nd-YAG dermatology laser, the Pico Laser skin treatment has gained immense popularity. It has been among the favorite devices for many doctors due to its extensive range of clinical applications and treatment options. Among the indications of pico laser treatment includes the treatment of benign skin pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, acne scars, tattoo removal, and anti-aging. It is now widely regarded as a must-have device for any aesthetic clinic.

Throughout the years, many pico laser devices came into the market. Each comes with unique selling points and a distinctive marketing pitch. But what is notably true is that each new generation of the Pico laser devices is more powerful than the previous generation. The newer generation of pico laser built on the prior generation’s shortcomings

The latest addition to the Pico Laser devices family is the PicoStar by Asclepion.

Who is Asclepion?

Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader in the international medical laser market since 1977. Its continual successes, have made Asclepion one of the most qualified companies in the entire optics industry worldwide. The TOP 100 award for the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany stands as a testament to this claim. Today, more than 70 countries place their trust in the German-made technology and proven scientific competence of Asclepion.

Asclepion has achieved this goal by working on all fronts and by pinpointing an innovative offer system for ensuring the success of its distributors and physicians. The service leadership that Asclepion, true to its mission statement, has built up over the years ensures the creation of positive effects for all of the company’s clientele, local partners, physicians, and patients.

You care read more about Asclepion here.

Jena, the “Optical Valley of The World”, Birthplace of PicoStar.

Asclepion Laser Technologies has achieved a leading role in the scientific optics industry. It collaborates actively with researchers from top German universities. In fact, since 1846, the city of Jena has been the global home of the Zeiss optics industry, an avant-garde field in the development of new products and highly specialized instruments for medical, astronomical, and technological research.

Today, the companies based in Jena provide the latest generation technologies for industries all over the world. Among these, Asclepion assumed a leading role in 1984 when it introduced the Argon laser for the treatment of vascular lesions in the eyes. Several years later launched the MCL29, the world’s first Erbium laser for dermatology and aesthetic applications.

Jena is also home to the renowned Friedrich Schiller University, which has maintained tight ties with local businesses for decades.

Why do I prefer PicoStar?

Here’s why I choose PicoStar compared to other pico-second lasers.

1) Being the 3rd Generation of picosecond Nd-YAG laser 100% made in Germany. 

The PicoStar is 100% made in Germany, a country famous for its engineering precision and quality. Being the 3rd Generation of the Pico second laser, it has overcome previous engineering limitations. It is a more powerful, stable, and reliable system. The PicoStar system can deliver a stable stream of high peak power laser at the shortest pulse duration of 300ps compared to the 1st and 2nd Generation of Pico Laser. 

2) Highest Peak power & Short Pulses

Being the 3rd Generation of pico laser, the PicoStar has the highest peak power (2.7 Gigawatt) to generate below 300 picosecond laser pulses. It is the most effective treatment for pigments and multicolored tattoos. The system allows me to operate the laser at high speed for an extended period to achieve a good result for my patient. 

The ultra-short pulses burst pigment particles and melanin effectively without any thermal side effects or scarring. This improves patient comfort and provides greater flexibility in my treatment. With the PicoStar system, I am more confident to treat stubborn pigments like melasma without relying on skin-lightening creams. Read about the dangers of prohibited Skin whitening creams here

3) Largest Spot Size on the Market (16mm).

With the PicoStar FLAT-TOP PERFORMANCE handpiece, I can perform treatment at 10mm and 16mm spot sizes. Previous pico laser have a maximum spot size ranges from 8-10mm. PicoStar allows me to cover more skin areas in less time. It is especially beneficial when I perform treatment for the arms, body, back, or legs. Overall, it shortens the treatment time and improves patient comfort. 

After using PicoStar for 3 months, I would truly recommend this amazing picosecond laser treatment. This laser treatment is suited to those with skin hyperpigmentation problems or wishing to remove their tattoo. The PicoStar system has performed excellently and produced better results than the previous pico laser I’ve used. 

Before and After 1 session of PicoStar Treatment for tattoo removal.
Before and After PicoStar Treatment for Melasma – after one treatment